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Masks for Hunger is an initiative created by Lyla Chereau. Every year she participates in the Annual Walk For Hunger. Due to COVID-19 this year the walk will not be happening however hunger never stops. She works towards sewing fabric masks and exchanging them for a donation to her organization. She gives the rest of the masks to local healthcare facilities. In less than a month she has raised over $3,600 for Project Bread. She has expanded her organization to 'Masks For A Cause'. With other partners in countries like France sewing fabric masks and donating the proceeds for a cause. You may contact her by email or visit her website or contact Impacts In Isolation for more personalized mentorship! And follow her progress on Instagram!

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LifeArt is an organization for the youth to live their passion while making a change in the world. LifeArt acts as a platform for high schoolers around the world to perform CAS hours while at school. Our mission is to create, sell, and donate 100% to healthcare organizations. High schoolers create artworks, sell them through different events, and then donate all the proceeds to healthcare organizations in order to make an impact on the bigger issues in the world. LifeArt currently exists in four different schools around the world. Contact LifeArt through Instagram or email the founder if interested in starting the club at your school, and becoming one of the leaders of Lifeart to help make a change in the world. To become a part of our family you do not need to have art skills, all you need is your motivation, determination, and will. Through our team, you will develop many skills, such as management, writing, making art, marketing, teamwork, and communication. Don’t forget to check out LifeArt’s website!

Young Students


Instant Tutor is a free, online tutoring service run by high school honors students. Tutors are available in all core subjects, Spanish, and French for grades K-11 everyday from 9AM-9PM. Additionally, anyone can sign up for free 30 minute zoom sessions for extra help. Check out the website for more details!

 Kids with  Masks


NYC Quaranteens is a group of teenage volunteers who are here to provide essential food items for individuals who are at most risk of serious complications from COVID-19. We are here to support our community by making sure everyone’s nutritional needs are met during this challenging time.

If you’re a teenager in NYC and willing to volunteer, SIGN UP!

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In response to the brave and heroic contributions of our community’s medical staff in this time of crisis, Night Bites, a non-profit organization, would like to contribute baked goods to night shift medical staff risking their lives to support those affected by COVID-19. Producing baked goods and having them transported to hospitals, we ask for your support in our small contribution to help boost the morale and spirit in this moment of crisis. Night Bites holds chapters in five states currently including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Tennessee. Go check out their website


Recently, while thinking about ways to give back to their local communities, Margot Gordon and her younger sister created @SuperStoryTime. @SuperStoryTime is an Instagram based platform where Margot reads aloud children's stories with the purpose of giving parents with young children a break and an educational way to entertain their children. This project combines her love of reading, and her favorite activity in elementary school, storytime, with her sister's passion for social media. Margot and her sister would love to expand this page and have other readers, kids, parents, authors etc. participate. Their goal is to read stories in as many languages and by as many different people as possible! Let them know if you would like to read a story you have written and illustrated, or one of your personal favorites or contact us for more information!




Doorstep Donations is a Not-for-Profit organization that strives to support those in our community who are financially affected by the coronavirus. The service makes supporting your community easy and guarantees the safety of donors by maintaining social distancing. In order to donate, contributors contact Doorstep Donations through our website and fill out a short form which includes their address and date of pickup. On the designated day, the patron will leave their donation on their doorstep and await the arrival of a Doorstep Donations volunteer. The volunteer will come by and pick up the donations in full PPE, wipe down the donations with sanitizing wipes, and deliver them to a participating community partner for allocation. Every week, a few volunteers from Doorstep Donations will visit our community partners and organize the food and necessities into care packages for families in need. These care packages are designed to last seven days. So far, we have collected food, essentials (such as toothpaste and toilet paper), and PPE (such as protective masks and gloves) from over 80 donors. We have distributed care packages to multiple households (one of which had eight young children). Go visit their website!

MudArts is a small nonprofit organization run by two high schoolers in Massachusetts-Mandy McCauley and Judit Laidlaw. We design, create, and sell personalized artwork. 100% of our proceeds go directly to Voices Against Violence, a nonprofit organization that supports all people impacted by domestic violence. Here is an excerpt from their website explaining their mission: 


“We provide information and support to victims and survivors, their family and friends, community members, and professionals around domestic violence, children who witness domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment, stalking, human trafficking and bullying.”

Voices Against Violence Website

Domestic violence is a side effect of the pandemic that many are unaware of. Due to COVID-19, domestic violence has increased by 20% according to The Guardian. Our goal is to spread awareness and provide help and support to those impacted.

Visit our website! & Instagram!

Circle of FRIENDS

Melodies for Remedies Club

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Circle of Friends is an initiative made up of high school students eager to make a change in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  We meet for an hour at a time with the children of essential workers, medical workers, patients, teachers, or really anyone who has been affected by the virus and would like some help with their children (for free of course!).  In these meetings, we do everything from playing games, to singing and dancing, to watching TV together, to discussing sports, to homework help, and so much more.  In short, we do whatever the families we are working with would like us to do!  Since we began operations in early April, we have worked with over 30 families from all over the country and done over 100 individual meetings with these families.  To sign up for meetings, all one needs to do is fill out a short Google Form on our website, indicating their child’s name, the time(s) they would like to meet, and they child’s interests, so we can match them to a volunteer with similar interests.  Our volunteers are incredibly flexible, and we are ready and willing to help anyone who can benefit from our program.  Anyone who would like further information can visit our website or email us at cofriends2020@gmail.com, and we would be more than happy to provide them with it.

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The Melodies for Remedies Club was created during this COVID-19 pandemic to try to help people, like seniors and people and children in hospitals, to feel less lonely during this time. Since they are not able to see their family or their friends, this club brings a variety of remedial music to help them experience the same comfort and belonging as when they are with others. This club holds concerts that are online to senior homes around San Diego (due to the conditions we are in right now), but they will also be live in the future. Also, we provide a compilation of recordings of different people performing to seniors and senior homes that are unable to make it live. We try to make one concert a month for different senior homes. It is also another goal of ours to teach music to seniors and people who want to learn instruments like piano and violin because it's a great activity for passing time and enjoying life even during COVID-19. Contact them here

The Toon Shop

The Toon Shop is a small nonprofit organization that works to support racial equality and justice in America. High schoolers Monica and Nina Petulla create and sell personalized cartoons to raise money for The Movement for Black Lives. This organization is made up of over 150 groups that coordinate their efforts to pursue legal and social equality for people of color. They also design and sell stickers that raise awareness for racial inequality. You can read their mission statement below:


“Equality and justice in America is long overdue. Everyday people are denied opportunities because of race, dehumanized because of race, shot because of race, killed because of race. Racial injustice is everyone’s responsibility; it’s our job to raise our voices against a system that favors fairer skin.


The toon shop was created to support this cause- not for a week, a month, a phase - but for as long as it takes to achieve true equality and justice. We hope that every dollar earned and donated by this shop will help supply The Movement For Black Lives with the means to create necessary change and pave the road for a better future. 



Follow their Instagram!


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Mask4mask is a youth-led organization working to help people from El Salvador.  We make and distribute high-quality masks that include positive messages. For every mask that is bought, we will donate a mask to someone in need. Our goal is to spread hope, positivity, and love through our masks. Follow us on instagram! Check our our newsletter! Or email us with any questions!

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The Youth Magazine is a a monthly publication aimed to provide a platform for giving a voice to rising youth of the world for advocating positivity, education, environment, mental health and empowerment. It is an organization aimed to give voice to the voiceless and to all
those who dare to dream ! Visit our website! And Instagram! And Facebook!


Study Buddy is a student-led youth organization, designed to provide FREE tutoring for students Pre K-12. Our program, based in Northern California, focuses on lending additional support to those who want academic assistance. We have a wide variety of academically strong high school and college students who are devoted to volunteering 30-90 minutes a week to help other students excel. In addition, Study Buddy provides an opportunity for students to gain volunteer hours in the comfort of their own home. The tutoring sessions are completely online, making it easier for both the mentee and mentor to communicate in the midst of the pandemic. Additionally, we help students get ahead by providing the option to learn new topics. We hope our program’s initiative can make an impact in someone’s life.  If you are a high-school/college student looking for a tutoring opportunity, or a student in need of academic assistance, we highly encourage you to become a part of Study Buddy! Here's the application! Here's their Tik-Tok!


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