How To Get Involved

Impacts in Isolations is a networking platform that provides both a space for youth leaders to connect and support to student leaders on a variety of levels. We partner with youth-led, service-oriented projects that are currently working to provide relief in the COVID-19 pandemic. Through these partnerships, we have the ability to bring awareness to these amazing programs through social media as well as utilize our network of leaders and mentors to promote and provide assistance for these projects. In addition to this, we also connect other young adults to these global partners. Our peer advisors serve as a guide for incoming youth, finding them projects that fits their individual needs and interests. 


The survey will ask you what kinds of service work you are interested in engaging in, what issues are most meaningful to you during this time, and if you are currently involved in any projects of your own. From this data, we will better be able to connect youth leaders around the country and world in their similar efforts to provide COVID-19 relief. 

Also check out our Ambassador Program!