Our Ambassador Program 

At Impacts in Isolation, we are committed to supporting and connecting with youth. We have been able to connect with youth from around the globe and are looking to expand our network even further. The Ambassador Program is one way we are hoping to do this. 


Ambassadors are an extension of our outreach program, and an opportunity for you to become a global leader. Ambassadors will be assigned regions, states or countries based on their primary location. In these regions, ambassadors will aid Impacts in Isolation in reaching more youth by connecting with schools, universities, youth groups, churches, athletic teams, etc. in their regions. They will use a variety of forms of communication to reach these students, as well as recruiting and mentoring student leaders through our program. 


As an ambassador, you will plant the seeds to cultivate student leadership in your area, and support Impacts in Isolation in our mission to grow our network, connecting student leaders on a truly global level. 


To apply for this program, you must be aged 14-18 and currently enrolled as a high school student or engaged in an alternative course of study. Additionally, students with prior community service and/or leadership experience are strongly encouraged to apply. Although proficiency in English is preferred, we highly value the participation of students proficient in other languages as well as international students in our program.