Guiding Youth Towards Success

As Impacts in Isolation founding members, we are a diverse group of high school students from around the country and world dedicated to bringing about change, now more than ever. Our differing backgrounds and experiences not only inform our values, but give us the range of perspectives needed to effect far-reaching change. We view these differences not as forces that might divide us, but rather as magnets that draw us even closer together in our efforts to change the face of this pandemic. Within our individual communities, we have seen the power of student leadership with young people rising to the occasion despite their circumstances.When we started Impacts in Isolation, we knew that by uniting our efforts, we have been able to harness the passion, dedication, and hard-work of many;we knew that separate, we could make waves of progress, but together we could build an ocean of positive change


Committed to Making a Difference

In the Summer of 2019, hailing from all around the country and world, we found ourselves together at a Brown University pre-college program called the Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is a program dedicated to cultivating young leaders for social change through courses, leadership workshops, and the creation of action plans. For the two weeks we resided on campus, we attended our various classes, participated in a wide range of educational and social events, and most importantly grew our passion for socially responsible leadership and changing our communities. At the end of the program, each of us went our separate ways, missing the memories we made but focused on implementing our individual action plans. However, we would soon find out that the connections we made there would outlast the summer. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, last summer’s step-by-step plans for social change were not only halted, but seemed to lose all relevance in the midst of a global health crisis. Many of us found ourselves stuck-at-home, knowing we were keeping others safe by doing so but feeling helpless and inadequate in our efforts nonetheless. We were still searching for purpose in our time of physical isolation. Through reconnecting with each other and sharing our experiences over Zoom, we found that many of us were back in last summer’s mindset: creating action plans and wanting to make tangible impacts. Although we were all happy to hear that many of us were involved in our own local projects to bring comfort and security to our communities, we knew that by joining forces our simple efforts could turn into global change. And with this realization, we created Impacts in Isolation, a platform for connection, collaboration, and change.